C-LAB is a multi-course, multi-subject academic media/communication platform where scientific rigor, knowledge, creative powers, skills, competences, and innovative intelligence of (1) students, (2) external stakeholders, (3) C-Lab managers, (4) technical and (5) academic staff come together to imagine, plan and implement real projects. A C-LAB project is characterized by challenging and reinstituting the established boundaries that separate:

  • theory from practice
  • science from life,
  • art from non-art,
  • curricular from extra-curricular,
  • course from break,
  • program from other program,
  • social good from personal pleasure,
  • assessment from appreciation.


  • The main objective of C-LAB is to enable the senior students of Media School to spend a year working in well-defined and feasible projects.
  • Another objective is to get rid of “truncated temporal structure” of fifty minutes course time, three session-courses, fourteen week semesters.
  • Also, C-LAB aims at being “counter-disciplinary” when it comes to teaching methods, political power embedded in the so-called “objective knowledge,” hierarchy in the classroom, and scientific canon.
  • C-LAB thus relies on the power of real and actual. The real and actual have the privilege of revealing how people live, play, think, share, desire, work, and resist.